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20 Couples That Will Make You Feel Better About Being Forever Alone.

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Love will make you do crazy things. If you care enough about someone, you might sell your prized motorcycle, miraculously get through security in time to stop someone who left for the airport hours before you from leaving on that flight to Paris, or even pose for photos in full fairy garb. When the person you want to spend the rest of your life with is involved, all bets are off. … Perhaps all cameras should be too. Check out these amazingly awkward engagement photos.

1. Fairy awkward, indeed.

2. Love on the tracks.

3. She only sent this one to her exes.

4. Before you decided to get married, make sure what you feel between you and another person is love and not just glass.

5. The “It’s Amazing What She Puts Up With” Spider-Man.

6. This is actually how they met.

7. I guess they couldn’t get a Mulligan.

8. “Haha he thinks he’s the only one who feels trapped.”

9. Please tell me the safety and marriage are still on.

10. Well, this is better than the one they took in the stall.

11. Hopefully their love won’t fade in the wash.

12. They better not write their vows on signs.

13. How did the photographer not K.O. this idea?

14. Their love will continue to grow like this dead tree stump.

15. Do you mind hurrying it up in there? I’m about to blow chunks

16. So that’s why women love tall men.

17. They’re head over heels!

18. That is some piss-poor judgement from both of them.

19. Apparently Kramer isn’t the only one who likes the way people smell after a day at the beach.

20. He’s smiling because he knows the knife is for anyone who makes fun of the photo.

(via Distractify) No matter how awkward these are, each of these couples have love on their side. No matter how strange it is, they have something most people spend their lives searching for. Share the awkward romance by clicking on the Share button below.

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