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What A Poor College Student Did In His Dorm Room Is Unbelievable. Everyone Should See This.

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Guo Shijun is a young man that has faced incredible difficulties in his life. His father became paralyzed during a building accident while on the job. He has to care for him full time because his mother is unable to. She was mentally disabled from a long battle with meningitis when Shijun was just a child. But, even though Guo Shijun spent the majority of days caring for his parents, he found a way to make it into a top university. That’s not all he was able to accomplish, though.

Instead of giving up on his studies or leaving his family behind, he did something else. He convinced the university to let him keep his father in his dorm room.


Guo Shijun rigged up a special bed for his paralyzed father. He’s able to check up on and take care of his dad much more easily now.


Shijun’s grandparents take care of his mother while he cares for his father.


No one would have blamed him for leaving his father behind, but this son couldn’t possibly abandon him.


Guo Shijun is paying his tuition with help from his family and friends (approximately $3,400). He managed to earn a scholarship to help him on his way, but he doesn’t mind the hard work. He knows life isn’t easy. But even though he is struggling now, he still has hope.

“I think once I graduate things will get much better.”


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