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15 Grooming Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier


Get clean.

1. Leave shaving cream on for five minutes to avoid razor burn.


It’s recommended that you use a quality shaving agent too.

Source: Reddit

2. If you have to pop your pimples, do it with tissues on your fingertips.


That way you won’t scratch up your face, and you won’t transfer too much gross bacteria.

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3. Use nail clippers to trim stray mustache hairs.


Clippers are small and handy — perfect for those pesky little hairs.

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4. A 1:1 vodka to water ratio gets rid of B.O. from your shirt.


Spray it on and smell the magic.

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5. Hair conditioner is a great shaving cream for sensitive areas.

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Like up there and down there. See what else you can do with conditioner.

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6. Fake groomed eyebrows with gel.

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Brow gel just became your new best friend.

7. Run out of blotting papers? Use coffee filters.


Starbucks’ napkins apparently work just as well.

Source: Reddit

8. A magazine or newspaper is the key to grooming the back of your neck.


For the guys in the house who keep up with their neck hair, align a mag with their earlobes — when pressed against the head, you now have a guide of where to shave.

Source: Reddit

9. Combat dandruff with tea tree oil.


Dr. Oz says you can decrease your flaky problems with tea tree oil, which has antibacterial properties.


10. Avoid Q-Tip disaster when you use olive oil to clean your ears.

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Q-Tips are scary, just ask Hannah Horvath. A couple of drops of olive oil a week can naturally get rid of wax from your ears (without the pain!).


11. Brush your teeth in the shower.


And wash your face, shave, etc. Get all these things done in one freakin’ session.

Source: Reddit

12. Cure athlete’s foot with peroxide.


Pour it on and wipe your feet down. To maintain, use Neosporin to help the skin and give your shoes an overnight baking soda treatment.

Source: Reddit

13. Corn starch is a cheaper alternative to dry shampoo.


Greasy hair can temporarily be remedied by corn starch — and it works on dark and light hair colors.

Source: Reddit

14. Aloe is a moisturizing and effective hair gel.


It will help your hair stay in place without the crunchiness.

Source: Reddit

15. Groom your nails after you shower.

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Your finger and toenails soften up while you shower, making it easier to trim your nails and push your cuticles back.

Source: Reddit

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